Individual Psychotherapy

Susie trained with I.P.S.S. in the early eighties and is an accredited therapist within that organisation. She has been working in a variety of different fields for the last twenty years. She has counselled clients in hospital and clinic settings and was attached to a G.P. practice. She has an eclectic approach, and is guided both by the client's social, cultural and economic background, and has worked a lot with women's issues.

Individual Psychotherapy session £45

Anger Management

Susie is a qualified Consultant in Anger Management, receiving her diploma from the British Association of Anger Management. She uses these powerful techniques in many areas of her work, as anger is often denied and repressed in our culture, resulting in inappropriate response to stress or depression.

Priced on specific needs, time and duration of workshop.

Family Consultancy                                                                 

Susie has been accredited by Resolution to work with separating couples collaboratively with their lawyers. She has an interest in helping parents find the least damaging effect on their children. 


Susie qualified in dramatherapy run by Sesame  at Kingsway Princeton College, again in the early eighties and uses these techniques within her group work. She has worked with adolescents and women's groups and can cater for groups wanting specific training, for example, she has run supervision groups for social workers and trained psychiatrists working with young people and drama. She can offer your company or your organisation a tailor-made service, based on your particular needs.

Priced on specific needs, time and duration of workshop.