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Mary Magdalene Retreat July 2013

My connection with this sacred land gave rise to certainty and plans

Drawn by some urgent longing, I entered the realm of wonder,

travelling alone as if I knew that nothing or no one could prevent this Meeting

The house, my friends, had offered to me, not a free gift, but a gift nonetheless

And once I had chosen my path, the world opened up and drew me in.

Here, amid the towering rocks and silence that took me away from my modern turmoil,

I settled into dreamland, I merged with Eternity

He was there in the garden, waiting for me, my guide and mentor, my comfort and rock

She was there too, discreet, gentle but strong, with the courage of a lioness.

The two of them enfolded me with their embrace, and I loved.

Then, in they came, the memories, the opening to other worlds, the recognition, that no, this was not the first time I had walked this land.

The song on my lips as I lifted my head to the heavens and drew my last breath, my family at my side, amidst the burning flames in Mont Segur; the discovery that She had walked this land, had stepped on the shore of my beloved France.

France, I have loved you with such a full heart, for most of all of my life. It has been a passion, that I have barely understood, until now.

Come, join with me in this wondrous world of sense and sensation, beauty and love. For Mary Magdalene is there, all around us, and we are invited to come in, and be. Blessed be.



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